Risoprinting Workshop Sat 16th July


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Saturday 9th July or Sat 16th July 2022

Join us for a 3 hour Risoprinting workshop where you will learn the basic skills needed to create your own 2 colour riso print.

We will be concentrating on different mark making techniques to create patterns for the final print. Designs are then scanned in to the machine (similar to being photocopied) and the finished print created. I have a 2 drum Riso which is capable of printing 2 colours at once so once both artworks are created we will print your finished print, you will have several copies to take home with you.

We have 3 hours in which to create a final design but if there is time, you can create more than one print. Please bring any drawings/influences with you to the session you wish to work from.

Workshops take place in my studio in Sheffield City Centre, close to Sheffield Train Station.
Sessions run from 10am to 1pm. Refreshments provided.