Risograph Printing

Riso printing is a method of printing that is a cross between screen printing and laser printing. The machines have all the speed of a laser printer but with the technology of a screen. Masters are made of your design and soy ink is then rolled through that master to create the print.

We produce a range of Riso art prints alongside our fabric collections, we run Risograph workshops and we also offer Risograph printing as a service to other artists and makers. 

What can we print?


We have a two colour machine so can print two different colours at the same time up to A3 size. You can print more than 2 colours, it just requires feeding the paper or card back through the machine. We have a number of inks available: Black, Bright Red, Federal Blue, Teal, Yellow, Fluorescent Orange and Sunflower.

We have a basic range of paper and card stocks in the studio but can also order in specialised papers for your project.

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