Environmental Policy

Sarah Waterhouse has a strong environmental and ethical policy which has been at the core of the business since we began in 2007. Every element of production aims to reduce our impact on the planet. We use only high quality materials to create a product that has been made to last.


  • We have always chosen to print only on environmentally friendly fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton.
  • The inks we use are certified organic by the Soil Association.
  • Our coloured base cloths are dyed using low impact, formaldehyde-free and azo-free dyes
  • Our British woven base cloth fabric is woven to our specification by a mill in nearby Lancashire. The fabric is then finished locally to avoid unnecessary transportation.
  • Any base cloths sourced from suppliers in Europe or China come with organic certification. We order months in advance so that the fabrics can ship by boat, air freight is avoided to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Our suppliers for all other materials and services are sourced as close to Sheffield as possible with many of them within Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
  • All of our packaging is biodegradable and when shipping larger orders, we re-use packaging wherever possible.
  • Our business cards and paper and all made from recycled card and nothing goes to waste in our studio.